The view for today



This is what noon looks like.

There’s supposed to be cold snap coming today. Much of the north on down to Connacht is supposed to be getting at least some sleet. Does it look cold in the pictures? It is, but this is pretty normal and, it’s really not that cold. If you can manage with high 30sF then that’s about as bad as it’s gonna get. It does go right through you though. That’s why people talk about it a lot.

We made it to the other side of Christmas too. Santa got the kids most of what they wanted and we got to spend an evening with some relatives, which really counts when they’re as busy as they are. The kids got much needed scooters and legos. They really like the scooters and they’re back into going out even when it’s bad outside.  I’m still trolling for work. I played three jobs since moving here and I’m still getting PFOs from the cover letters and CVs I’m sending. To be fair I’m only 4 months in and since the Christmas week have slacked off a little, and I’m actually singing country n getting paid for it, go figure. Bridget has multiple skills and has been able to cook for a living here, sort of.  The post Christmas shut down is coming and that means no cooking job at the Lake for a while. Most places either severely cut hours &/ or crew or they simply shut down until March. We’ll be fine, although we may have to eat noodles from time to time. I hear it’s madness from March to September. If I’m starting to get gigs and get around I think I’ll be fine by the summer. Since B will be home more ( in theory) I can go out more in the evening. It’s a juggle.

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Pick Any Pencil

photo“Dad, pick any pencil you like and I’ll get a story.” So says Nola as I prepare to sign off on her homework for the night. She’s pushing 5 and she surprises me by how serious she is about it. Generally, the homework consists of a grid of repeating numbers that she has to trace (she’s on 4 now) and a pictogram to color. Sometimes the traceable items are objects, like clothing or something.  It’s an amazing thing to see how your kid processes a task and she is a divide n conquer chick, outlining everything first then filling in the details. She’s getting pretty clean with the coloring too and she picks schemes.  She’s learning to sing and count in Irish ( she’s up to 8) but she tells me she likes the States more because she didn’t have to go everyday to school and do homework all the time. I don’t think I convinced her that she’ll grow up smarter and happier if she finishes 1). vegetables, 2) homework & listens to 1) teacher ((she does though)), 2) mom n dad ((nope)). That’s fine though. She’s not shy in the least & I have prepared a spiel every day when I ‘collect’ her that saves the opposing parent from being the doomed deer in the crosshairs when Nola blurts out “Slumber Party?!”

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Like An Out Of Body Experience

image-04-700x522      I  haven’t written anything for a while. Bridget has been busy working and I have been busy at the house keeping things together, being with the kids, looking around for and applying for jobs & going out at night when I can to play, make new acquaintances & maintenance friendships. The weird part is that if I were to stop and think at all about where I am or what I’m doing it starts to feel like an out of body experience, like somehow this is not really happening, or that it’s a lucid dream.  The new normal is not to think so much as just do. I’ve never lived like that before and it’s eerie sometimes to not have any clear idea of what is coming around the corner. I’m beginning to like it but I think there’s a lot that hasn’t been processed yet.
The fact that I drove back from my Dad’s funeral to start packing for the trip the next day is probably part of it. The loose ends and missed call opportunities that an 8 hour difference bring sticks to me sometimes. There are some loose ends. So I look at this as life 3.0 if the kids were 2.0. Bridget and I talk about how this has brought us into a deeper bond with each other. It has, and the comfortable predictability I knew before is a memory.
Bridget and I each have our own spheres of activity and friends. I’m always proud of what she is able to do.  She gets on so well but I feel she doesn’t give herself enough cred. I know her friends better than she knows mine but that’s because of the difference in work lifestyles and not for any dubious reason. Spheres will collide if one of my mates gets on well with Bridget’s girl pal. I see a lot of people everyday that I know.  I know them from school and from the pub up the street where I put in a lot of time playing music and enjoying a wee bit o craic. I see people on walks around the neighborhood and there’s always conversation.  I’ve been to house parties and jam sessions that have gone until 6am. I’ve sung along with a room full of people singing together, sometimes they’re singing really good harmonies btw. There’s been lilting and some winding. I have a bud who can talk to me about his chick problems while his son and my little guys play and run. I still feel a little funny when I go out with such a close knit group.  They’re like the family you always had in your mind that you would like when you were having a tough time.  One of my friends asks me ” Jaaysus, how ya gettin on with all this? I know how strange ya must feel. I felt the same when I moved here. Great to have ya here man.”  That awkwardness will disappear after a while. As friend said the other night  “aaah..ya aint as green as you used to be…”

Finn and Nola have been out of school for a few days with some nasty coughing. We got them to the doc the other day and found out that Finn has a light form of asthma. Nola has pneumonia in one lung 😦 She’s bundled in for the week with a nasty antibiotic to knock it out. Their sprits are unaffected by all the illness. They’re still hyper as hell, thank God.  Finny’s teacher says it’s the weather. I didn’t want to complain about the weather. It’s beyond amazing how well they’ve adjusted to the move.  Now they just have to get out of the woods.

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On The Subjects Of Apostilles & Printers….

Photo on 2014-11-04 at 12.13 #2

One of the reasons anyone blogs is to attract attention to themselves.
Do it enough and enough people pay attention and you get paid. That’s not
the reason for this post. This is my humble ass attempt to payback for all that
FREE information that I’ve weaseled out of the internet over the years.
Hey, maybe some of those people are getting paid. Maybe they’re getting pain.
Maybe YOU’RE getting pain. In any event, so you don’t have my pain here are some biscuits for you.


IF YOU ARE MOVING (or staying for any real time) FROM THE US TO IRELAND…
BUY A PRINTER IN THE STATES AND CHECK IT AS BAGGAGE, along with some ink cartridges.  If you thought your life was paperless and it was  going to stay that way you’re in for a curve ball. Folks here are up to date and know what they are doing. You actually get to speak to human beings here if you’re a little lost. They still use hand written receipts sometimes. In other words I don’t think they have let technology run their lives. Having said that you will need to print out forms. You will need to print out forms. Did I tell you that you will need to print out forms? You will need to print out resumes and letters. If you are self employed you’ll need to print out posters for yourself. I did not do this so now I get to pay upward of 50 cents a sheet for color. ALSO :  CHECK YOUR LAPTOP AS BAGGAGE IF IT DOES NOT TURN ON UNDER ITS OWN POWER! TSA will chuck you $2000 uncharged tech in the bin (they funny that way; not funny haha).


IF YOU NEED A CERTIFIED COPY OF YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE FROM THE STATES….Don’t believe the cockamamy directions the state department gives you about obtaining your copy. I did to the letter and they  n e v e r said anything about an apostille.
HEHH? A P O S T I L L E. It comes from the state department and since Ireland is part of the Hague Convention you will need it. It’s recognized notarization. I’m now finding out about this because I spent 50 euro on a solicitor (they’re the ones who are authorized to notarize your shite) to notarize an application only to have it sent back 3 weeks later with the uncashed check for 28 bucks and a letter from SAN DIEGO saying I have to call the DC State Department (that’ won’t take long) to get an apostille. I’m figuring all of this out now and I’ll let you know how to do it when I learn. Once the paperwork is out of the way life is plenty good. Good luck & if you know the fastest way of getting this kind of notary shout will you? Maybe you have it on your blog? Maybe you got it from someone else’s??
Let me put you on hold a minute…..

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Time For Scares & Time For Screams

No Dracula here; don’t need him (anyone who has ever heard Shaggs will understand the reference). I swear I didn’t ever think that any parade I’d ever see in life would be free of cheese and corn. The closest thing I ever experienced to corn & cheese free parade fare was the Disneyland Main Street Electrical brouhaha; and that was back in nineteen sev……uhhhhhmhhhmhmhuh huh huh. Anyways….I was REEEAALY little! I’ve seen videos though.

Bridget was away at work. She told me to get up and go take the kids to this thing. Her aunt and uncle gave us a ride into town. It was a wait but it was worth it. There were 50,000 people in the center of town there to watch. The company that put this show on is based here in town and they have a hefty rep outside of Galway. It looks like a lot of work that went into this. You can read about it here    . Think medieval Celtic Cirque Du Soleil. Kinda.

I had Finn kicking away on my shoulders so these pics suck a little.

photo 4. photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo .5 photo ..2 photo ..1 photo ...5 photo ...2

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Code ?n

Anyone know how to get an embedded clip to cue up from the top to play again without having to reload the whole page? I figure it’s easier that if someone wants to watch a clip again that they be able to press play.  Javascript? ?replay=1?? Just curious.

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I don’t know where she gets this stuff I swear. It’s the 4 year old mind with a camera. She reeeeeeally wanted to do something with the camera so Here you go, Peppermint Patty.


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