The Kids are in SCHOOL!

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These guys love themselves some school…..usually. There are days though. As a yank I didn’t know what to make of school uniforms on first thought but now I see the value. Kids don’t judge each other by their clothes. Bridget is no stranger to the uniforms having grown up in London so she gets it.

Nola and Finny are making and keeping friends. The nice thing is that Nola has met other kids who are as effusive, outgoing and aggressively curious about her as she is about them. Finny now has other kids around him his age finally!  That’s a dry fountain Nola’s standing in and it’s the go to play spot when class is over. While she’s cutting it up with other protohumans mom n dad can cut it up with the parents. Besides, their cousins go to the school so the relatives are always around doing the collection.

About The Curtis / McCullough Contingency

We're a family out of southern California transported into Connemara, Ireland. This is our story of why, when, where and how & hopefully a well attended to living narrative of life v 3.0. My hope is that it will be less of an operating manual and travelogue and more of a personal outlet that leads a viewer to reverse engineer the content to put together their own unique picture of what they might be going through if they were in our shoes.
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2 Responses to The Kids are in SCHOOL!

  1. Gary Nieves says:

    That’s awesome Dave! All the best to you and your family.


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