The Humdrum For Today

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Today Bridget was off from her restaurant gig so after we collected the kids from school we went to town. BTW where we live is the village and whenever you say you’re going to town people assume you mean Galway City. I called Spiddal a town and everyone thought I was nuts. So….we left the village for town. The first stop is a notary for an application for a vital record. In the states there are people you can hire for 15 -20 bucks at a print store that will notarize you. Here the services are done by solicitors (read : lawyers) and there are a couple of them who do it in Galway. I went to an ancient three story building not knowing I was going to use all three stories when I showed up for my appointment (don’t walk in). I waited in the waiting room for a while when a pleasant guy comes in and politely directs me up to 3 stories to the Barton Fink office, looks over the paper, stamps, signs and collects appx $55 in euros cash (no cards taken). I got an envelope out of the deal that I didn’t have to buy at a post office. If it sound like I’m complaining I’m not. I really like the way things are done here. For example : sure they have IT and networks but there’s a lot that is still done the old fashioned way : with paper. Receipts are usually hand written a lot of times and, even when the bureaucracy gets a little crazy it’s always possible to get a hold of a living human being, usually someone whose plenty smart and pretty darn helpful too. We snapped a few nice pics of town before leaving at 6 for the village.  Now here’s hoping the DSL keeps working good. More to come…..D

About The Curtis / McCullough Contingency

We're a family out of southern California transported into Connemara, Ireland. This is our story of why, when, where and how & hopefully a well attended to living narrative of life v 3.0. My hope is that it will be less of an operating manual and travelogue and more of a personal outlet that leads a viewer to reverse engineer the content to put together their own unique picture of what they might be going through if they were in our shoes.
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One Response to The Humdrum For Today

  1. Joe says:

    I find it all fascinating, Dave. Keep ’em coming.


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