One word sums up the greatest grocery store in the history of the world.
Why? Cuz it is. Really, why? Read On. It’s the only grocery store outside of Trader Joe’s that we’ve ever had an allegiance to. Well, F  Y  I  Aldi Nord owns the Trader Joe’s enterprise and has been since 1979 when Theo Albrecht took it over. And they appear to have remained controversy-free; at least to my knowledge.


This is what the inside of an Aldi looks like ; pretty simple and unglamorous as advertised. When we were in Nashville this was home away from home. Now the
reason why it’s so great : we could feed the whole family well for a week on $70.
I’m not talking trash. The quality was really good and it’s even better here and the price tag; the same.

The suppliers for the meat and produce are Irish and the QC for Irish food is pretty off the chart. For instance : They can track back each cow here to the original farmer and to its mama. That makes the meat pretty expensive; think a 6 euro 50 Big Mac.
No drugs, no hormones and grass fed to the best of my knowledge.

Here’s the catch. If it’s busy you gotta be on your game. You go in and you’re immediately on a virtual conveyor belt of shoppers and it slowly ebbs and flows a little so you look ahead, see what you want, what you need & grab it as you go by while keeping the kids from grabbing everything and thoroughly pissing off the customers directly in front of & to the back of you. We’re getting to know the layout better now & that helps a lot. When you’re done you queue your stuff up on a long narrow conveyor belt and the checker starts scanning as you finish emptying your cart.  You hustle down to the end where you spin your cart in and parallel park it in front of the busy checker. There’s no check out cabinet space; that’s all about your cart & your bags if you have them ready in time. Groceries are flying off the edge of the counter into the cart. You organize, you bag, you catch cuz checkers don’t slow down. It gets to be kind of a fun game if you can keep it moving smoothly. The customers behind you are watching intently. Oh, the kids! They’re pulling boxes of swag off the display. Gotta breathe. Smile stiffly. Suddenly you notice at times like this that you and your rag tag family are the only drama in the store, period. You’re the storm and all around you, just outside of reach life is perfect and ideal. How do I get to the calm part?

Aldi has great prices on beer and wine.

About The Curtis / McCullough Contingency

We're a family out of southern California transported into Connemara, Ireland. This is our story of why, when, where and how & hopefully a well attended to living narrative of life v 3.0. My hope is that it will be less of an operating manual and travelogue and more of a personal outlet that leads a viewer to reverse engineer the content to put together their own unique picture of what they might be going through if they were in our shoes.
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