Painted Sky

This is a real quick clip taken around 6pm of some fascinating weather. This was taken from our balcony and at first it was dis orientating as the light was brighter in the east.

The camera pans from east to west and you can see the sun behind the clouds in the distance. This weather can change at the drop of a hat from sunny to ” damn, got a jacket?” Out of the blue you get gusts of 60mph that can howl through your bones. Then it’s T Shirt weather. We dig it.


About The Curtis / McCullough Contingency

We're a family out of southern California transported into Connemara, Ireland. This is our story of why, when, where and how & hopefully a well attended to living narrative of life v 3.0. My hope is that it will be less of an operating manual and travelogue and more of a personal outlet that leads a viewer to reverse engineer the content to put together their own unique picture of what they might be going through if they were in our shoes.
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