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About The Curtis / McCullough Contingency

We're a family out of southern California transported into Connemara, Ireland. This is our story of why, when, where and how & hopefully a well attended to living narrative of life v 3.0. My hope is that it will be less of an operating manual and travelogue and more of a personal outlet that leads a viewer to reverse engineer the content to put together their own unique picture of what they might be going through if they were in our shoes.

The view for today

This is what noon looks like. There’s supposed to be cold snap coming today. Much of the north on down to Connacht is supposed to be getting at least some sleet. Does it look cold in the pictures? It is, … Continue reading

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Pick Any Pencil

“Dad, pick any pencil you like and I’ll get a story.” So says Nola as I prepare to sign off on her homework for the night. She’s pushing 5 and she surprises me by how serious she is about it. … Continue reading

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Like An Out Of Body Experience

      I  haven’t written anything for a while. Bridget has been busy working and I have been busy at the house keeping things together, being with the kids, looking around for and applying for jobs & going out at night … Continue reading

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On The Subjects Of Apostilles & Printers….

One of the reasons anyone blogs is to attract attention to themselves. Do it enough and enough people pay attention and you get paid. That’s not the reason for this post. This is my humble ass attempt to payback for … Continue reading

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Time For Scares & Time For Screams

No Dracula here; don’t need him (anyone who has ever heard Shaggs will understand the reference). I swear I didn’t ever think that any parade I’d ever see in life would be free of cheese and corn. The closest thing … Continue reading

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Code ?n

Anyone know how to get an embedded clip to cue up from the top to play again without having to reload the whole page? I figure it’s easier that if someone wants to watch a clip again that they be … Continue reading

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I don’t know where she gets this stuff I swear. It’s the 4 year old mind with a camera. She reeeeeeally wanted to do something with the camera so Here you go, Peppermint Patty.  

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