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On The Subjects Of Apostilles & Printers….

One of the reasons anyone blogs is to attract attention to themselves. Do it enough and enough people pay attention and you get paid. That’s not the reason for this post. This is my humble ass attempt to payback for … Continue reading

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HORSEPUCKEEE HAWWWW!!! Ballinasloepokes meet itinerant maidens in waiting.

Ya see, whenever we go out for a walk (not only because we have to but sometimes when it just seems like a darn good idea) we’re likely to find a horse that’s sociable enough to want to try to … Continue reading

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Catch Up Time! It’s a bloated post.

            So……we moved…to Ireland!   It’s kind of a big move and one we’ve been talking about for a couple of years, or at least since we last visited. There’s a lot of catch up to … Continue reading

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